Testosterone Therapy in Florida


OHM Helps Improve Sexual Health

Optimize your sexual vitality! Improve your erections, rigidity and delay your time to orgasm.

Good sexual performance requires 3 things to work properly:

  • 1. Well balanced sexual hormones including testosterone DHEA and other hormones.
  • 2. Good penile blood flow is essential for good tumescence and rigidity.
  • 3. Psychology of the Sexual Interaction: Its important to learn your partner's sexual needs and expectations as well as your own.

Our goal is to optimize your performance so that sexual performance is not a guessing game or something difficult to accomplish. We know you want to get back to where good sexual health is really about making love. This is why we provide effective low testosterone treatment.

Optimal Health Action Points
  • Obtain a full Hormone Evaluation
  • Determine if your health being impacted by a vitamin or mineral deficiency
  • Do a Doppler blood flow test if suggested as needed
  • Discuss Treatment Options including:
    • Which of the many medications are best suited for you Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Staxyn and Stendra!
    • Who is a good candidate for Penile injection therapy
    • Vacuum Therapy
    • Surgical Therapy
  • Consider if Sexual health Counseling can improve your sexual vitality

Dr. Marc Gittleman