Optimal Health Comprehensive Evaluation:
  • Evaluate your level of fitness through advanced exercise testing. Learn how to exercise to your maximum aerobic and anaerobic levels. (Explainer VO2 Video)
  • Learn your lean body mass - a high level medical analysis of your fat and muscle content. It's an awesome way to understand your fitness level and help to establish goals for either weight loss or cardiac improvement or muscle mass gain.(Explainer Dexa)
  • Analyze your body's minerals and toxic heavy metals. Deficiencies of minerals or an overabundance of toxic heavy metals is unhealthy and may slow down your progress to achieve optimal fitness and health. (Explainer Oligo)
  • Learn from a nutrition consultation with our experts to evaluate your current diet, and energy needs. You will leave with a "nutrition Prescription" to help you make the correct food choices that work for your needs and goals.

Dr. Marc Gittleman