Ask Dr. G

Dr. G, what is the difference between a compound pharmacy and my neighborhood pharmacy?
Dr. G, why is it so important to have my labs done?

Dr. G, can the toxic metals in my body cause me to gain weight and affect my overall well being?

Dr. G, can our bodies make omega 3 fatty acids? And if not, can taking Omega 3 Fatty acids supplements help lower my blood pressure, reduce arthritis pain and/or reduce the likelihood of a heart attack and stroke?
Dr. G, can probiotics help increase our immune system and detoxify our bodies?
Dr. G, why is it important for me to take a prostate supplement?
Dr. G, what is testosterone therapy and is it safe?

Dr. G, with most of the country being Vitamin D deficient, what benefits do Vitamin D supplements give me?
Dr. G, how can the Dexa Scan help me lose weight and/or gain muscle mass?
Dr. G, can using the VO2 max help me better achieve my fitness and health goals?

Dr. Marc Gittleman